Why You Bruise More Easily When You Drink Alcohol

Why You Bruise More Easily When You Drink Alcohol

Alcohol and swelling along with alcohol and inflammation will occur to certain people in certain circumstances. Alcohol can be found in some adult beverages such as beer, wine, or liquor. Drinking alcohol causes dehydration, which causes cell damage leading to swelling. Harmful use of alcohol is accountable for 7.1% and 2.2% of the global burden of disease for males and females respectively.

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Your liver continually stores about 10 percent of the blood in your body, so when you drink alcohol, your liver must work harder to process toxins. When this happens, bruises are purple or red at first, and then they fade as the blood is absorbed into the body again. Usually, a bruise appears when you have collided with something hard. This can happen when walking into furniture, falling or being hit. Predictive platelet counts for alcohol withdrawal syndrome Sober Home complications have been proven and calculated. The risk of occurrence of withdrawal seizures or delirium tremens in alcohol withdrawal syndrome increases significantly when the platelet count is less than 119,000/μL. Thus, individuals that chronically abuse alcohol can develop osteoporosis due to having low bone density. Since alcohol inhibits water absorption leading to dehydration, alcohol slows down the wound healing process, preventing cuts from leveling.

Alcohol and Skin Infections

But unexplained bruises on the abdomen, back or face are more likely to signal an underlying condition. Taking dietary supplements like fish oil, garlic, ginkgo and vitamin E also block platelets in the blood from clotting and can lead to easy bruising. Some bruising can be traced to ordinary medications people take every day. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen and naproxen affect the blood’s ability to congeal or coagulate. Always take these as directed and avoid taking them with alcohol. Liver damage is accelerated in individuals who have chronic hepatitis B or hepatitis C. New research finds adolescents who drink alone are at much higher risk of developing AUD in adulthood, and female adolescents are at even greater risk. In people who drink moderately, the effect of alcohol on platelets is short-lived.

  • Both alcohol use and liver damage can cause malnutrition, due to appetite suppression, nausea and a reduced ability to metabolize nutrients.
  • Meanwhile, around 7 million people in the US suffer from psoriasis, which usually occurs as raised, red scaly areas on the face, scalp, elbows, palms, back, knees and soles.
  • The principal types of depression are major depression, dysthymia, and bipolar disease (also called manic-depressive disease).
  • Malnutrition may be a factor in why very thin people are more impacted by heavy drinking.
  • The more familiar term “alcoholism” may be used to describe a severe form of AUD, but physicians, researchers, and others in the medical community tend not to use the word.

In the month between Thanksgiving and the New Year holiday, Americans spend more than $12 billion on distilled spirits – that is one-quarter of the industry’s yearly profit. If this season, you are giving yourself the gift of plastic surgery, however, we recommend you skip the spike in your eggnog. When the cause of bruising is unclear, your doctor will likely order blood work to check for platelet problems or other blood clotting abnormalities. Blood pooling and clotting beneath the surface causes skin discoloration. As the bruise heals, it may turn brown, green or yellow. Basra G, Basra S, Parupudi S. Symptoms and signs of acute alcoholic hepatitis.

Protect the Liver

Since SMH in ALC is such a rare complication, most of the proposed treatment modalities are extrapolated from data originating from patients who developed SMH on anticoagulation therapy. 15 out of 18 patients died in the literature reviewed, which makes diagnosis and aggressive treatment a necessity in patients with SMH in ALC. A conservative medical versus surgical approach has been proposed. Conservative management includes administration of fresh frozen plasma and vitamin K. Prompt reversal of coagulopathy with fresh frozen plasma is advocated in the setting of liver cirrhosis . Vitamin K should be supplemented in these patients to support the functional production of whatever factors are being produced in the liver. More radical approaches include transcatheter arterial embolization and liver transplantation. Zissin et al. reported the utility of TAE in patients who had intramuscular hematoma on anticoagulation therapy. Specific factor assays showed depletion of all factors except for factor VIII, which further confirmed the suspicion that the factor depletion was secondary to liver cirrhosis.

Ice pick scars may take a few weeks or months to heal and may be permanent if left untreated. Unfortunately, alcohol and inflammation often go hand in hand. This is especially true when alcohol is used for long periods of time or in excess. Using alcohol to cope with negative emotions could indicate a drinking problem, especially among women. This peer-run, international fellowship is open to anyone who wants to address a drinking problem. Research has suggested that the program can be successful in helping some people cut back on or eliminate alcohol from their lives. Check out the website to learn more about how AA works, find a chapter near you, and download e-books to help with your journey.

If you’re experiencing a medical issue, please contact a healthcare professional or dial 911 immediately. Alcohol will thin the blood slightly so you are more likely to have a bruise if you drink after Restylane injections. I use cannulas for most of my injections so the chance of bruising is minimized. Supplements, NSAIDS, aspirin, and alcohol will all thin the blood and shouldn’t be taken if bruising would interrupt your social calendar. It will resolve a bruise after 1-2 days vs the typical days.

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Like a fever, inflammation is supposed to be a temporary intervention. But when the assault is constant, the inflammation becomes constant. If the swelling is severe and persistent, over time it will damage the tissues, causing cell death. If you notice you are bruising easy, you should stop asking yourself, “Why am I bruising easily” and go see your doctor. You don’t want to let an underlying medical condition go undetected. If your mom and sister also easily bruise, it could be a family thing. Some people, mostly women, have very fragile blood vessels, especially in the thighs, arms, or butt. Older people bruise more easily, as aging skin becomes thinner and loses some of the protective fatty layer underneath. Bruising is normal and grows more common and more visible as people age.

Symptoms & Signs

Both alcohol use and liver damage can cause malnutrition, due to appetite suppression, nausea and a reduced ability to metabolize nutrients. Malnutrition can contribute to poor recovery from these diseases. Your healthcare provider may prescribe dietary changes and nutritional supplements to help you recover, and sometimes appetite stimulants. In severe cases, they may treat you with enteral nutrition while you’re in the hospital. Although it is well-known that smoking causes premature skin aging, you may not realize that when it comes to heavy consumption of alcohol skin wrinkles are also a risk. This in part relates to the fact that dehydrated skin is more likely to develop fine lines and creases, so this is another reason to include soft drinks alongside alcoholic beverages. There is additionally a connection between alcohol and wrinkles because alcohol generates free radicals, which can adversely affect your skin’s structure, making it more prone to lining. This may come as a surprise to you, as drinking moderately, particularly when it is red wine, is often said to protect your heart due to its antioxidant content. The disconnect arises because at higher intakes alcohol acts as a pro-oxidant, so actually generates free radicals rather than neutralizing their effects.

The bruises, cut, and sprains you find all over your body after a night of partying hard that you do not remember incurring is a UDI. Eating a meal before having alcohol can help prevent alcohol from being absorbed quickly. This will allow your body time to process the alcohol before it gets too out of hand. Alcohol causes vitamin deficiency because alcohol cannot be fully digested. Thus, alcohol nullifies any drinking and bruising benefits from whatever food or drink contains alcohol. For example, alcohol steals nutrients like amino acids because alcohol harms the liver, making it unable to process proteins such as amino acids normally. Alcohol can also contribute to ice-pick-like bruises which are small, yet deep. These kinds of bruises have visible dots at the bottom of them which sometimes look black on the surface of the skin.

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